We are..

a group of individuals sharing a common purpose. The world has gotten lazy, and PUZL is a call to action. Step away from your computer, put down your smartphone and turn off your TV. Introduce yourself to new people and have a conversation with them...in person. Go see art once a week and if there isn't any near you, make your own. Don't follow a trend, start one.

PUZL is a multi-faceted brand that strives to challenge the way you think. From clothing to boards, we have a progressive selection of pieces for you to choose from.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Life's a puzzle. We just want to give you some of the missing pieces...


As well as our independent clothing label and board company, we offer a variety of design services:
Print • Web • Apparel • Packaging • Product

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services or would like to contract us for a project please email us here.



Mr. PUZL - CEO and Founder
Rob Noir - Head of Marketing and East Coast Brand Manager
Buddy Duncan - Creative Director
OLEG - Intern
MNKY - Office Pet
NOBU - Spiritual Leader
RBOT - Free Thinking Cyborg