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PUZL X RADIx Limited Edition “SAY YES” Tee w/Free Album Download Included

In anticipation of its latest album, Boston hip-hop duo RADIx is announced its ‘Say Yes!’ album and T-shirt promotion in conjunction with its sponsor PUZL. You can purchase this Limited Edition Tee here.

PUZL X CRB Drumhead

Charlie River Band teamed up with PUZL again to design their drumhead ahead of a series of shows their performing at this Spring and Summer. Check out the CRB's website here

WANTED presented by PUZL

Together with, Mr. Brownstone Industries, The Charlie River Band and All Asia Bar in Cambridge, PUZL put together a fucking awesome party filled with booze, music, artwork and of course clothing. Check the event listing here.


PUZL's Alex Slater teamed up with new local Boston creative outfit Claymore to do some branding and build their new website. Creative Director of PUZL Inc., Kevin Banks is the brains behind this new initiative.
Click the photo below to check out the site.

PUZL X Charlie River Band T-shirts

Long time friends of PUZL, the Charlie River Band came to us for some help with a re-branding project and getting some Tee designs done.

PUZL X RADIx Collab - RADIx Music Video "SAY YES"