A Hip Hop Experience

SEEK has been all over the map, from a full blown Warped Tour run, to performing with Das EFX. Europe is currently his stomping grounds and he’s about to go back for another session this August. Mr. PUZL got a chance to speak with SEEK over phone last week to get inside the head of this dynamic and energetic lyricist.

MR. PUZL: You just got back from another stretch in Europe. What’ve you been cooking up over there? Why Europe?

SEEK: Europe is great. I have a lot of friends there and people are really enthusiastic about Hip Hop. I’ve been doing shows, touring, also working on music and videos. I love to travel and experience different cultures in music and life.

MP: Where else would like to travel and take your music to?

S: I think ideally all musicians want to take it World Wide. The next place I would like to go is Japan. It’s always been a goal to tour there.

MP: Collaborations are the cornerstone of how you make your music. Who have you worked with in the past? What’s it like to work with Grim Reaperz? Who would you like to work with in the future?

S: I’ve been lucky to be able to work with a lot of great artists and producers. One of the most rewarding experiences for me was being able to collaborate with Statik Selektah. He’s very talented and a hard worker. I’d like to work with Marco Polo he’s another great producer. The Grim Reaperz are the best beat making team in France. The sound they put out is amazing and the quality is also top of the line. My latest project ‘6 Dayz Of Torture’ was entirely produced by them. It’s definitely a classic.

MP: Music is obviously a major part of your life. Do you have any ultimate goals for it? Any other ambitions?

S: The goal is to keep it going, sustain, endure somehow. When something is truly in your heart it’s hard to stop doing it. I’ve had great experiences and met some amazing people along the way. I hope to continue that.

MP: We heard you’re gearing up for a tour. When’s that kicking off? Anyone joining you that we should look out for?

S: This August is the start of the next Survival Tour Stint. As of now it will just be me doing solo shows. But I’m always looking to collaborate with other artists and do shows on a whim.

MP: You’ve been an ambassador of the PUZL brand from the very beginning. What drew you towards the brand intially?

S: I really was impressed with the design and quality of the products. When I met the original team (Mr. PUZL and Rob Noir) I was sold completely. Both seemed ambitious and in a similar place as we were. So it made a lot of sense to combine resources and work together. I hope to continue the relationship and work on new ventures.