Deleted Scenes – Young People’s Church of the Air

Deleted Scenes - Album Cover

I love DIY sounding, gritty, indie-pop-rock… and Deleted Scenes‘ sophomore full-length, Young People’s Church of the Air (out now) brings the lovely, gritty, analog sound straight from the garden to your ears (that’s right they recorded it at a gardening shop Gateway Gardens in Hockessin, DE). I’m currently listening to the album with commentary on Spotify. I know bands to release commentary after the fact or provide commentary at concerts but this is the first time I’ve seen a band release commentary with the album. Being the first time that I’m listening to the album, hearing the commentary before the song helped put me in the writers mindset before I listen to the track so essentially I was immediately dropped into the journey of the writer. Try it out… or don’t. The songs are filled with heavy personal lyrics about death, family, religion, life, the limits of positivity, and his youth. They are paired with playful yet haunting melodies that twist and turn. I’ve listened to the album on repeat for 7 hours and it will continue to remain in top rotation.

Check out A Litany for Mrs. T below and their website to buy the album: http://news.deletedscenesmusic.com

Also check out the epic remix by Vacationer here: