Jeff Devoe – All The Gold

Local Los Angeles producer Jeff Devoe digs deep and strikes gold. His new track entitled “All The Gold” is a far departure from his usual material as 1/2 of electro house duo Oh Shit! (, but this doesn’t mean he comes up short when delivering this deep, groovy 110 bpm killer to your ears.

The tune begins with a filtery synth stab that snakes into the funky 4/4 drum beat complete with a solid kick drum. A breakdown introduces a hint of the glimmering arpeggiated synth that is featured in the track. This builds until it is all sucked away, making room for a wonderfully placed vocal phrase reminding you of the title. Sparkly synths, eerie pads, and funky drums permeate the track after the drop and lend to the cavernously deep vibes in the track. A second breakdown builds more tension than the first with an undulating synth bass leading to another delivery of the vocals. The second drop digs deeper with an explosion of arpeggiated synths and pads creating layers of harmony thick enough to get lost in. Mr. Devoe went deep on “All The Gold” and certainly came up with something worth keeping. We just hope he goes back for more.

See more of this tracks on his Soundcloud page.

Jeff Devoe