New Release: DZZ – Friend EP [Shifty Rhythms]


New Release: DZZ – Friend EP [Shifty Rhythms]

The most unique installment in the Shifty Rhythms catalog to date arrives inside your eardrums by way of Stephens City, Virginia and the far-beyond-his-years talent of DZZ. The packaged product from this enigmatic producer is called ‘Friend’, a perspective-shifting single like none other we’ve heard.

Somewhere between the track’s synthetic kawaii vocal meltdown and seismic 808 jabs lies a song that embodies a completely new step in electronic music. One that, like the EP’s title suggests, incorporates a personal element in varied forms.

Additionally, the haunting vocals of the original cut take joyous flight in a Chilly Gonzales-esque rendition by Baltimore’s ctrl+r, capped off by a early-hours drum and bass anthem from Shifty flagship boys Planet Rock.

The malleable nature of ‘Friend’ implies that electronic music in this day and age can affect the human spirit in several, equal ways if we allow ourselves to embrace its kinship.
released 22 October 2014

Produced by DZZ
Mastered by Chacona
Artwork by Zracknel: