LAMP Weekly Mix #5


LAMP’s 1 Year Anniversary last week was massive (Check the gallery from this post). Jerome LOL was a massive hit, played some solid tracks and mentioned after that he really enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with some new material. This was even more evident with XLR8R mix he dropped earlier this week. Also be on the lookout for his upcoming EP “Deleted/ Fool” scheduled to drop next week!

This week’s mix by Brooks brings a few jems out of the crate, and takes us on a journey through some slow melodic rhythms and classic vocal samples from likes of Jackson 5. Next week the #trackoftheday format will return to it’s usual schedule and there a some guest mixes in the works for the upcoming months so stay tuned.


LAMP 1 Year Anniversary – PHOTOS


It’s been months in the making and the LAMP crew have outdone themselves once again. The label has been working away in the studio channeling their new collab between DJ/Producer Josh Brooks and his counterpart Jacob Millar. The duo, who have temporarily dubbed themselves Brooks & Millar, are set to release the first 2 track EP in the coming months and possibly a few edits and remixes to go along with it. Brooks has also been curating a new series called the LAMP Weekly Mix. The formula is straightforward. Pick 5-6 tracks for the upcoming week, discuss their merits etc and then mix them all together for a fun filled Friday release. Brooks has said he really enjoys this platform as it challenges him and pushes the boundaries of his already extensive background in mixing.

For those who missed out on last night’s festivities here are some candids to fill the void. A don’t worry another LAMP event is already in the works!

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