Frieze Frame


Today kicks off 4 days of art–installations, sound scapes, collaborations, etc– in the 180 galleries of the Frieze Art Fair.  The New York event in 2013 promises to be the biggest yet with attractions so attractive that the monsoon rains won’t keep us away.  Foodies rejoice in Frieze’s restaurant partners: Blue Bottle Coffee, Frankie’s Spuntino and The Fat Raddish, to name a few.  The sculpture park features Paul McCarthy’s 80-foot inflatable piece named Balloon Dog (shout out to the West Coast) and Frieze Fair Talks abound throughout the long weekend.  If you’re on the market for art (or just looking for an excuse to ride a ferry boat this weekend) details on the exhibitors and the talks can be found at Frieze New York’s website.

How to get to Randall’s Island from Frieze New york on Vimeo.


The Late Parade by Adam Fitzgerald


2013 is an exciting time for Liveright (a W. W. Norton & Company entity). This iconic 20th century imprint was revived a few years ago with it’s original mission in mind; to publish books that “make a heavy impression”.

Enter Adam Fitzgerald. A poet and editor at Maggy who lives in the East Village and also teaches at Rutgers and the New School. This June, Liveright will publish Fitzgerald’s first poetry book The Late Parade (their first debut poet). Fitzgerald says he is heavily influenced by french autoher Arthur Rimbaud, Hart Crane and John Ashbery. Crane himself was also published by the imprint in the early 20th century so it only seems fitting that the relaunch showcase Fitzgerald’s work.

In an interview with Barbara Claire Freeman, Fitzgerald opens up about his recent work:
“The Late Parade marks certain romantic relationships, that is, failed ones—as well as things I don’t think necessary for the reader to know as such, for example, something like the affirmation of antidepressants shadows the poem’s conclusion. I think as a poet, I’ve always seen the poem as this potential space that’s “all” but not “everything”; the strained schizogenic disparities of mental and physical experience melt into a relationship (dysfunctional maybe, but jubilantly so) of word, sound, line and image.”

Read the full interview here

Be sure to leave room in your calendars this summer as Fitzgerald begins his tour. West Coast stops are planned for late July and early August and in particular. Fitzgerald and a “band of crazy poets” are working on LA stops as we speak.



SONG PREMIERE: Gold Fields – ‘You’re Still Gone’

Gold Fields

Gold Fields, one of my favorite new Aussie imports, has just released a new track from their full length Black Sun called ‘You’re Still Gone.’ If you’re in NYC check them out tomorrow, Thursday night, May 9th @ Irving Plaza.


And watch the video for Watch “Dark Again” right here. right now.

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