The Scene: Fashion, Art & Design at EVA NY

Extended lines and unexpected fabrics (ex. cork) is the DNA of “Customized Interdependencies”, the current collection by Ffixxed, which I was delighted to look through in person last Thursday the 10th.  I would never have expected to use the word “calming” when describing my reaction to a-ready-to wear preview, but the organic, seemingly weightless designs of this Australian duo are just that.  Crafted in-house at the Ffixxed studios in Shenzhen, China, these garments are reminiscent of the flawlessly constructed, elegantly understated clothing that I witnessed (in traditional contexts) during my time living and traveling through Asia.

The event itself was wonderful, as was meeting some truly inspiring people: but there is more to come on that.  EVA NY is the kind of place we should all be so lucky to spend an evening in, surrounded by warm people, good conversation and such pretty, pretty things.