The Great GoogaMooga Festival – NYC


I can’t say that the inaugural year of The Great GoogaMooga went off without a hitch. What “Great” festival does? It is expected to have plenty of growing pains but learn from them at the same time. Which is exactly what these festival organizers did, and made visible adjustments the next day.

Day One: I wasn’t all there… for that long. I zipped in to catch Holy Ghost, who never disappoints with their set. Live analog pop goodness. But they looked so tiny on such a huge stage. I noticed there was no one in the VIP “Extra Mooga” special front section of the crowd… so that might have been the reason? It might have also been because they were all waiting in the massive lines I passed while rushing between stages to catch Bear Hands over in “HAMegeaddon.”

Day Two: I went with a little crew of friends on day two of the festival. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect considering the mass amounts of people on day one. I was delighted to find not so many… The lines were comparatively short and we were able to have a taste of a few different brews and eats before the legends Daryl Hall & John Oats took the stage. Day two was promising of a great GoogaMooga future and I can honestly say I can’t wait until next year. Check out my pics in the gallery below.