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Will Work for Sunshine.

“Urban Jungle” “Shopping?” “Always a good remedy to change one’s ideas.” writes my beautifully deep friend, Marine de Marseilles in a text message Saturday morning.  She has an infectious quality about her, a quality that inspires me to explore and create.  And with the weather having been so drab lately: gusty and rainy, I thought it was a very good idea to get out of the house and change my mood.

The day’s mission: to lure in Spring by finding a few essential pieces for the season.  (For those of you not on the east coast, Spring made an appearance in early April, boasting temperatures close to 80 degrees and has since left the building.)  With florals having run rampant across all fashion runways, making way for the streetwear trends of the season, that seemed like a good place to start, if we were to successfully seduce the sun.

We ventured out to the local spots: Urban Jungle, a veritable Narnia for affordable thrift and vintage, The Mobile Vintage Shop, a trailer parked in front of Roberta’s and the Mary Meyer Boutique, a beautifully curated space rife with vintage and wares crafted by  local designers.  The day was rounded out with a 6pm wine tasting at Big Tree Bottles on Bogart Street.  Though we were outfitted in a faux fur coat and wool cable knit sweater, the excursion did wonders for the Summer-hungry soul.

See photos above: our inspiration, polaroids and a beauty shot of the vintage, floral sunglasses purchased at Mary Meyer.