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2012 CBGB Festival – NYC


I started off day one of CBGB OMFUG’s 1st annual festival with a screening of AMERICAN HARDCORE to get me in the mood for some real American Hardcore Punk that night. I was very lucky to be able to photograph living hardcore punk legends featured in the film: Murphy’s Law, MADBALL & Agnostic Front – 3 bands that I listened to as a youngin’ because my brother Eric was in the Hardcore Punk scene in South Florida. It’s bitter sweet being able to share this with with him, although I wish he could have been here with me physically… knowing that he used to see these bands perform as a teenager, here I am witnessing and experiencing what he once had, was an extremely emotional experience. He and I shared and influenced each others musical taste so much, but he more so influenced me. These bands play with such emotion, power and energy that it overwhelms you and takes over.The crowd responds just as aggressively. its a give and take between band and audience. Neither would exist without each other

I ended the night with a screening of the Re:GENERATION music project which featured a few musical legends in the making such as Skrillix, The Crystal Method, Mark Ronson, DJ Premier and Pretty Lights and paired them with some OG musical legends to create a completely original sound that draws from each entity’s musical abilities.

On day two, I started off at the screening of Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone – a truly original band who I’ve loved since they exploded in the 90s. A cross-genre band full of flavor and attitude. I then tried to see MxPx, but they were very late going on; so I ran over to catch the last 3 songs of MEN (ex Le Tigre) which I should have just went to first. They were epic. I also wanted to catch Sick Of It All and Cro-Mags but their set times changed on me, so I missed them. I went back to the cinema to see Punk’s Not Dead which cover’s the origin of punk music from London to the USA.

The 2012 CBGB Festival completely rocked (for lack of a better word). 300+ bands in 30 venues, over four days across the city from Manhattan to Brooklyn… you can’t beat it. If you missed it or if you’ve never heard any of the aforementioned, I URGE you check check it all out. If anything, you will be schooled on a groundbreaking time in music history.

This is music.