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PUZL x Brian Thompson – Summer Sessions Tour

We are pleased announce our partnership with Brian Thompson Music LLC & Good People Productions. We’re hooking up with BTM on their Summer Session Tour of New England and New York.

Here’s their press release:

June 23, 2011

Portland, ME

On July 1st, four Europeans and nine Americans will set off on a journey that will last for twenty days and twelve shows. Stops include Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusettes, Vermont, Connecticut, and New York. “The Summer Sessions Tour” started off 11 months ago when two Boston born-brothers, Scott and Brian Thompson, ended a phone conversation with the intent to collaborate on a song together for the first time in their musical careers. Scott, 31, a resident of Stockholm, Sweden, has been writing/producing music for over 15 years and through his passion, inspired his younger brother Brian, 23, to pick up a guitar at a young age. Now, after many hours spent on Skype, the two brothers have written an album together that they plan to release in the fall of 2011. Two of the pre-release songs, “Yesterday” and “Lullabye” feature Grammy award winning artist Michael McDonald on vocals and piano.

In addition to making an album, Brian has put together a 12 show tour spanning New England and New York that kicks off in Brunswick, ME on July 1st. The tour includes Scott’s pop/punk band from Sweden, the Mess with Julia; a diverse mix of influences that only a Italian drummer, Greek bassist and a Swedish female singer can create. The band will also provide the backing beats for Brian’s underground hip-hop act. Vermont’s own Lynguistic Civilians join the tour, providing their own blend of hip-hop from up north in Burlington. The tour is completed with Evan Martin, Scott’s band mate from high school, providing his DJ-ing skills in between the sets of the 3 acts. The tour is sponsored by PUZL (solvethispuzl.com), a US based clothing company whose philosophy is, “Life’s a puzzle, we just want to give you some of the missing pieces”.

Tour Dates and Tickets can be found on their facebook page.