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Frieze Frame


Today kicks off 4 days of art–installations, sound scapes, collaborations, etc– in the 180 galleries of the Frieze Art Fair.  The New York event in 2013 promises to be the biggest yet with attractions so attractive that the monsoon rains won’t keep us away.  Foodies rejoice in Frieze’s restaurant partners: Blue Bottle Coffee, Frankie’s Spuntino and The Fat Raddish, to name a few.  The sculpture park features Paul McCarthy’s 80-foot inflatable piece named Balloon Dog (shout out to the West Coast) and Frieze Fair Talks abound throughout the long weekend.  If you’re on the market for art (or just looking for an excuse to ride a ferry boat this weekend) details on the exhibitors and the talks can be found at Frieze New York’s website.

How to get to Randall’s Island from Frieze New york on Vimeo.

For the Love of Art – February 13th NYC Events


Love is in the air and I’m slowly crawling out of the cave of my extended winter hybernation: just in time for two much anticipated events. 

The first is Single Fare 3, the third installation of the series brought to you by Michael Kagan and Jean-Pierre Roy, which invites artists to imaginatively transform a utilitarian New York City MetroCard into a pocket-sized work of art.  The show opens at 6pm (tomorrow) February 13th at RH Gallery

single fare 3

Then, starting at 9pm at Kraine Gallery , Dina Brodsky and Bonnie DeWitt bring us “Ladies” a show comprising artwork by all women: a little Galentines treat just in time for February 14th. 

Thankfully, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow.  Early Spring?  I say, bring it on.

Before the World Ends Shop Less and Buy Art: A Guide to Holiday Portraiture

We have entered the holiday red zone.  The Festival of Lights–8 days during which we’ll still have to run around shopping and cocktailing and hosting and hobnogging–is upon us only to be followed in short order by your company’s holiday party (here’s hoping it isn’t a sit-down dinner), your flight home, my mother’s Christmas visit, the eschaton, and a weeklong multicultural cacophony of enhanced holiday cheer to bid 2012 adieu. Like water in sand, liquor will fill all the gaps in-between.

Do yourself a favor and get your portrait taken now, before it’s too late.

If you’re in Miami: get to an art party with the quickness. Locate nearest celebrity. Get in a picture with the celebrity at any cost. Then, filter. Then, post to all social media with the following [nonchalant] caption formula: “Me + ____ at ____” and consider the incredible gift of fewer degrees of closeness to ____ generously hurtling toward everyone you have ever met.

If you’re in New York: email. Blackmarket Boo. Right. Now. Whether you’re jonesing for the Jazz Age, already ensconced in your private technofuture, your genre-less band needs someone who can do justice to your “retro” style (but they don’t want it to look like it was just filtered) and lighting design, or you’ve got to submit your official photograph for that cabinet position you’ll be–oops!, Boo is armed and ready.

If you’re in LA: you’ll have to do as much as you can to simulate festive ambience in this godless desert, so you’re going to need a skilled production designer. Get in touch with Kate Kennard to commission a portrait with a mise en scène worthy of Tinseltown. (We all know how you come correct on Halloween, LA, but PSA: Midtown Manhattan is outdoing you.)

Before the World Ends Shop Less and Buy Art: The Virgin Dress on Society6

Focus, Chioma Ebinama, 2012

From the Maison Française at her university to le-app-sur-le-trap to nesting in Bed-Stuy, Chioma of The Virgin Dress reps her roots as a woman, a cynic, a pop culture critic, and a romantic with innovative art pieces perfectly suited to hanging and venerating in the well-appointed haven of a budding art collector (and maybe intellectual superior… her style evokes a Technicolor lady-version of Edward Gorey).  When she’s not illustrating to the point of carpal tunnel (she was in a wrist cast a couple of weeks ago), she’s busy directing her creativity toward the dream of being the Nigerian Martha Stewart; baking, sewing, crafting, and obsessively reorganizing.

Don’t sleep on TVD in 2013: her next series is called Zombie Apocalypse, which combines Eastern and Western imagery to address the intersection of the Second Coming with the Dawn of the Dead.

Prints range from mini ($18) to gallery ($100) size in her new online shop, framed pieces and canvas will require a bit more budget (still capping out at $150–a steal), and you’ll take cheer in the idea that you’re gifting twice by supporting a brilliant young artist while delighting the recipient. (NB: longer in the making–and better lady magnet–than bottle of tequila.)

Juanita Cardenas: A Whole New World at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

Brooklyn based artist/designer Juanita Cardenas brought it big for the first night of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend: s/s 2013.  Though I had no idea what to expect from the gum drop head-pieces and fuchsia unitards I saw backstage- models rehearsing dance steps and donning stilts- the end result was like seeing the fashion world through rose-colored glasses.  Did I land on Mars?  Or wander into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?  I’m still not sure.  But Juanita Cardenas- who is studying trapeze herself- put on a show that transported the audience out of a warehouse in Williamsburg, into a galaxy governed by color and form.