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The New Black.


I remember receiving the most important fashion advice of my life before kindergarten, and it was to buy black. Always stylish, always sophisticated, always svelte.

I love black. All the blacks:

Pantone's Blacks

I love black so much that my boyfriend offers to buy clothes for me as long as I will choose something other than black (NOPE).

I’m not one, usually, to hawk crowdfunding endeavors (or even click–sorry guys) but Nick Black’s (ha) endeavor is all about a custom, universal black to rival the custom colors that surround us (and are owned by corporations), so I think there’s a bit of civic-minded beauty in Black’s concept, and he’s got one weekend left:

“The funding will help produce the hex code of the color, as well as the RGB and CMYK values. So that the The New Black. will be able to exist within all print, screen, and web matter. Most importantly it will provide a Pantone Formula Ink “recipe” that will enable the color to manifest itself in practically any medium worldwide. So it can exist in paint, ink, plastic, ceramic, etc, etc.”


Black is The New Black. It can never be replaced.

Pantone agreed. PUZL agrees. Do you?

(In addition to the Kickstarter site, The New Black. can be found on Instagram and Twitter @thenewblackcolor, thenewblackcolor.com, and via email.)