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Before the World Ends Shop Less and Buy Art: The Virgin Dress on Society6

Focus, Chioma Ebinama, 2012

From the Maison Française at her university to le-app-sur-le-trap to nesting in Bed-Stuy, Chioma of The Virgin Dress reps her roots as a woman, a cynic, a pop culture critic, and a romantic with innovative art pieces perfectly suited to hanging and venerating in the well-appointed haven of a budding art collector (and maybe intellectual superior… her style evokes a Technicolor lady-version of Edward Gorey).  When she’s not illustrating to the point of carpal tunnel (she was in a wrist cast a couple of weeks ago), she’s busy directing her creativity toward the dream of being the Nigerian Martha Stewart; baking, sewing, crafting, and obsessively reorganizing.

Don’t sleep on TVD in 2013: her next series is called Zombie Apocalypse, which combines Eastern and Western imagery to address the intersection of the Second Coming with the Dawn of the Dead.

Prints range from mini ($18) to gallery ($100) size in her new online shop, framed pieces and canvas will require a bit more budget (still capping out at $150–a steal), and you’ll take cheer in the idea that you’re gifting twice by supporting a brilliant young artist while delighting the recipient. (NB: longer in the making–and better lady magnet–than bottle of tequila.)